COMFAR III Expert v3.0 + 3.3a free download cracked latest

COMFAR III Expert v3.0

COMFAR Expert download cracked , For more than 30 years, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has cooperated with government agencies, commercial institutions and private companies to solve their industrial problems and has tried to teach them how to solve their problems.
Comfar is a software provided by Unido to prepare and evaluate economic plans for developing countries. The name Comfar is derived from Computer Model for Feasibility Analysis & Reporting.

Kamfar evaluates projects financially and economically, and technical and technological reviews and other reviews are outside the scope of this software.
The use of Kamfar software is expanding due to its high flexibility against all types of projects and the high capabilities of this program in performing calculations and performing sensitivity analyses.

Compar software COMFAR Expert download cracked

This software is based on the experiences, opinions, explanations and needs of more than 5300 users in 140 countries,

as well as based on the UNIDO manual for feasibility studies.
According to the UNIDO organization, after reviewing the economic and financial evaluation methodology of plans and projects in more than 50 countries of the world, this software is provided based on the methodology designed by UNIDO,

Therefore, this software, in addition to educational use in academic centers, is a commercial software and trusted by financial and economic organizations of the world. COMFAR Expert download cracked

Installation guide

Due to the old structure of this software,

when installing the software, there will be problems with Windows 7 and above, especially 64-bit systems.

If your Windows is 64-bit, you can use the virtual machine that runs 32-bit Windows on your computer, Before installing the software, pay attention to the following points for more efficiency:

1- COMFAR Expert download cracked If you are using Windows 7, consider the following:

  • In the software folder, right-click on the two system files,
  • haspuser and setup, and select windows xp service pack 3 from properties and compatibility.
  • From the control panel and getting started

2- Follow the instructions in the crack folder and install the software. If possible, install the software on non-system drives. Do not forget to install Farsi and English languages COMFAR Expert download cracked.

3- In case of improper display of Farsi fonts in any part of the software,

follow the Persian language setting guide of Kamfar software which is next to the installation file.

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