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MemTest86 v10.3 Build 1000 Pro Edition

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MemTest86 is memory (RAM) testing software for 32-bit computers. This tool can be booted from a USB or CD and using the comprehensive algorithms and test patterns it has, it can check the RAM memory to find its defects. It is enough to burn the software on a flash memory, CD (with bootable capability) and then boot the system using it to check the RAM completely. Memtest86 is known as one of the best hardware testing tools to diagnose RAM problems. The RAM hardware chip contains memory cells, each of which holds one bit of data being processed. The vast majority of intermittent failures are the result of interaction between these memory cells, for example, writing to one memory cell may cause one of the adjacent cells to be written with the same data, or some of these cells may fail. If the number of these cells exceeds a certain limit, your RAM will be unusable. MemTest86 allows you to check all the RAM cells and make sure of the health of the computer’s RAM.

User experience:
There are various software related to RAM testing in the Windows environment, but none of them are as accurate as this software. In my personal experience, a problematic RAM was recognized without any problems with Windows testing software, but in the test with this software The application was made and its defect was identified.

Key features of MemTest86 software:

  • 13 different RAM test algorithms
  • Graphical user interface
  • Supports DDR4 RAM (also DDR2 & DDR3)
  • Network boot support (PXE)
  • Secure boot from USB or CD
  • Gathering information with a low percentage of error
  • ECC RAM: support for error correction of RAM codes
  • Support for UEFI platforms (for boot)
  • And …

MemTest86 is the original, free, stand alone memory testing software for x86 computers. MemTest86 boots from a USB flash drive or CD and tests the RAM in your computer for faults using a series of comprehensive algorithms and test patterns.
Memtest86 is considered by the majority of the hardware testing community the number one application when it comes to defective RAM sticks. The answer to the question regarding the working state of the installed memory modules comes fast with Memtest86 and that is what matters the most besides the certainty of the verdict.

RAM chips consist of a large array of tightly packed memory cells, one for each bit of data. The vast majority of the intermittent failures are a result of interaction between these memory cells. Often writing a memory cell can cause one of the adjacent cells to be written with the same data. An effective memory test attempts to test for this condition. Therefore, an ideal strategy for testing memory would be the following:
Write a cell with a zero.
Write all of the adjacent cells with a one, one or more times.
Check that the first cell still has a zero.

Here are some Key Features of “Memtest86”:
The latest version of MemTest86 supports all the current technologies, including
– 13 different RAM testing algorithms
– DDR4 RAM (and DDR2 & DDR3) support
– XMP – high performance memory profiles
– UEFI – The new graphical standard for BIOS
– 64bit – From version 5, MemTest86 is native 64bit code
– ECC RAM – support for error-correcting code RAM
– Secure boot – With MemTest86 being code signed by Microsoft
– Graphical interface, mouse support and logging of results to disk
– Foreign language support (Chinese, German & more)
– Self booting off USB or CD, without needing DOS, Linux nor Windows
– Network (PXE) boot – Scalable, disk-less provisioning from a single PXE server
– Dual booting – Will boot to V4 in BIOS and V7 in UEFI from a single flash drive

Installation guide
Learning to test computer RAM by MemTest86:

Using bootable USB to test RAM in bootable mode: (Version v10.3 Build 1000)
1- Download the MemTest86 USB image file and unzip its contents.
2- Connect your desired USB drive.
3- Run the imageUSB.exe program from the memtest86-usb folder.
4- In the opened window, select your USB drive from the list (step 1).
5- Select “Write image to USB drive” (step 2)
6- Select the existing .img file – as if it was not selected before – (step 3).
7- Click on Write (step 4).
8- Continue the steps to create a bootable USB until the end.
For the Pro version: Copy the contents of the PRO files folder to the created USB in the EFI\BOOT path.
9- Restart your system and boot it through the USB you created in the previous step.

  • Using a bootable CD to test RAM in Bootable mode: (version v4.3.7 – for UEFI platforms)
    1- Download the MemTest86 ISO image file.
    2- Burn a bootable CD (boot-able CD-ROM) from the downloaded .iso file using a CD burning software available in your system.
    3- Restart your system and boot it through the CD you burned in the previous step.

1- MemTest86 only supports UEFI platforms. If your system does not support UEFI and MemTest86 does not boot on it, you must download and use the V4 version.
2- MemTest86 is an independent program that does not need an operating system to run.

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